Care Tips You Ought To Know Before Purchasing a Horse

4 October 2016
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Having a deep love for horses does not mean that you are automatically equipped to caring for them. You should never look at owning a horse as a matter of fun alone. There is a lot of work that needs to go into its care to ensure that it remains healthy and that you work closely with the vet clinic as it's not easy to just transport a horse or even have a vet come to you at times. Here are some care tips that first-time owners ought to know about.

Ensure the horse gets sufficient hydration

The first thing to keep in mind is that a horse's body is made up of a significant amount water. This is why it is prudent to ensure that the horse has a constant supply of water so that it can remain hydrated. An average horse will require several gallons of water daily to stay sufficiently hydrated. Keeping this in mind ensures that you will have prepared area where it can conveniently access this water throughout the day, every single day.

Ensure the horse gets a sufficient supply of supplements

The next thing to consider is horse supplements. A good diet alone is not what will keep your horse healthy. There are a number of supplements that you will need to incorporate into its diet. These supplements will ensure that your horse is not prone to any illness and will generally have a healthy life and attractive appearance. Some of the horse supplements that you could consider include conditioners, garlic granules and hoof supplements.

Owners of competitive horses mostly use conditioners, but this does not mean that they will not be beneficial to your horse. Conditioners ensure that the mane and tail of your horse looks and feels luxurious. This contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of your horse.

Garlic granules work the same way as the fly repellents. By incorporating garlic granules into your horse's diet, it will end up emitting an odour that will repel the insects. Using both the fly repellents in conjunction with the garlic granules will yield better results.

Hoof supplements function to ensure that your horse's hooves stay strong and less susceptible to damage.

Ensure you have factored in maintenance costs

The last thing to think about would be the costs involved with owning a horse. When you choose to get a horse, some first time buyers do not factor in the costs of ensuring the horse's upkeep. It is not simply about paying for the horse and expecting the expenses to stop there. You have to factor in the horse's grooming, the horse's accommodation, veterinary visits and more.