3 Top Pet Calming Techniques During Treatment Procedures

2 July 2019
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As a veterinarian looking to start a private practice that is fully equipped with surgery services, you must understand the level of anxiety that pets and pet owners go through as they prepare for treatment procedures. And the truth is that it is difficult to operate on an overly anxious pet. Since different types of surgeries vary in complexity, keeping a patient as calm as possible is vital. The good news is that there are calming techniques that veterinarians can use to ensure a successful treatment procedure. Read More 

Why Does Your Rabbit Have a Bump Under its Eye?

15 January 2019
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Rabbits are normally perky and lively. If your rabbit suddenly turns a bit listless, then you may have checked it over to see if it is OK. When you're doing this, you notice that your pet has a small bump under its eye that wasn't there before. Why does your rabbit have a bump and what should you do about it? Bumps Can Be a Sign of Dental Problems While bumps under a rabbit's eye can be caused by various things, these bumps are often related to the rabbit's teeth. Read More