Recognizing, Preventing and Treating Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

24 October 2017
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One of the more common ailments for dogs is hip dysplasia. Certain breeds are more prone to dysplasia than others, but it can affect many different types of dogs at various ages. When a dog has hip dysplasia, its hip joints are weaker because they are loose due to deformation during development. This can be a very uncomfortable and painful condition for an animal that has to live with it. Read More 

The Dangers of Letting Your Dog’s Ear Fur Get Matted

6 July 2017
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When you have a dog with a long or medium coat, keeping the fur from matting can be difficult. Thankfully, matted fur is often easy to spot and de-tangle when it's on your dog's back, belly, limbs, tail, and even the bulk of the head. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for matting that occurs around your dog's ears. Ear fur matting is a problem that many pooch owners miss until it's already causing problems for their dog. Read More 

3 Important Steps to Take if Your Dog is Bitten by a Snake

12 January 2017
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Dogs can be quick to investigate their fellow animals when out for a walk. Unfortunately, this can lead to serious consequences if they happen to encounter one of Australia's snake population. In fact, snake bites are a real problem; it has been estimated that 60,000 snake bites occur for dogs across the country each year, and that 15,000 of those dogs bitten will die as a result. The good news is that your pooch's probability of recovery is going to be much stronger if you are able to treat the problem correctly yourself and take them to a veterinarian as quickly as possible. Read More