3 Reasons Why Your Pet Might Need An Ultrasound

22 August 2022
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Your pet is a member of your family. Caring for them means ensuring they are well-fed, exercise enough and visit the veterinarian regularly. It is normal to feel extremely concerned when they get sick. Sometimes, the sickness is short-lived and resolves itself without the need to see a vet. However, look for an expert when the condition is an emergency or doesn't improve within a day. Here are three of the top reasons why you might need to schedule a pet ultrasound

If they Got in an Accident

There are many types of accidents that your pet might experience in the home or on the move. For example, they might accidentally fall or get hit by a falling object. If your pet is fond of wandering from your property, they might also wander off to the road and get into an accident. A pet ultrasound is a sure way to tell whether your pet might have a bone or soft tissue injury. The veterinarian will assess the internal organs for blood, fluid, organ trauma and problems with the heart. They will come up with a course of treatment after they get imaging results. 

When they Have a Lump in their Torso

It can be worrying to realize the pet has swelling or lumps in the abdomen. Lumps could be something harmless like a benign tumour. However, sometimes the lumps are a sign of something serious developing, like a cancerous growth. The imaging is an ideal way to identify what might be wrong and determine the next course of treatment. Possible treatment paths include biopsies, surgery and radiation therapy. Swelling around the abdomen and pain when you touch the pet are some common indicators that you need to take an ultrasound for the internal organs. 

When they Have Suspicious Lab Results

You might also need to book an ultrasound for your pet after they get abnormal lab results after some clinical tests. The veterinarian could recommend the test because your animal has an elevated liver or kidney value. After the imaging test, they can tell you whether the pet needs additional or specialized treatment. The tests also help discover a developing condition early enough and avoid future health complications. 

These are some of the reasons why your vet might request an ultrasound. Make sure you follow up and complete the imaging tests within a short time. It will save your pet the pain and agony from the sickness.