Horse Care: Bracken Poisoning Explained

9 August 2023
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Bracken ferns are poisonous to horses, as they contain a toxic enzyme known as thiamase. This enzyme prohibits the absorption and utilisation of vitamin B1 and leads to impaired cellular respiration and the development of neurological problems. Some curious horses will develop a taste for bracken, while others will avoid it unless they don't have enough edible plants in the field they graze in. Read on for more information on bracken poisoning. Read More 

4 Ways Trimming Your Dog’s Nails Can Prevent Them from Harm

3 March 2023
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You might love your dog, but you probably don't like trimming their nails. Truth be told, dogs don't tend to like it much either, and this can make trimming their nails a real chore. Unfortunately, it's often more important than many owners realise. While dogs sometimes wear down their nails naturally as they move around, it's relatively common for them to need some additional help from a human with a pair of nail clippers. Read More 

4 Qualities to Look for in a Reputable Veterinary Clinic

31 October 2022
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Since human beings have an undying love for pets, it's uncommon to find a home without one. However, pets can get sick too, and without proper pet care, you might end up losing your pet. For this reason, finding a skilled veterinary specialist should be top on your priority list as a pet owner. Never compromise the health of your pet with quack individuals masquerading as professional veterinary officers.  Continue reading this post to learn four essential qualities to consider when finding a reputable vet clinic. Read More 

3 Reasons Why Your Pet Might Need An Ultrasound

22 August 2022
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Your pet is a member of your family. Caring for them means ensuring they are well-fed, exercise enough and visit the veterinarian regularly. It is normal to feel extremely concerned when they get sick. Sometimes, the sickness is short-lived and resolves itself without the need to see a vet. However, look for an expert when the condition is an emergency or doesn't improve within a day. Here are three of the top reasons why you might need to schedule a pet ultrasound. Read More 

Two Tips to Follow if You Have a Nervous Dog Who Has Never Been Groomed Before

20 April 2022
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If you have a nervous dog who has never been groomed before and whose nails and coat are in need of some attention, here are some tips to follow: Find Out if Your Vet Clinic Has a Pet Grooming Service In this situation, it's best not to groom your dog yourself but to instead get it done professionally. Many vet clinics offer pet grooming services, so you should find out if your local clinic does this. Read More